Freshly brewed: Cinnamon coffee

here’s an easy one. In honor of national coffee day and the beginning of fall, I wanted to share a twist on the standard cup of coffee. No need to add sweeteners and/or artificial dairy products to this – all you need is a bag of dark coffee beans (French roast is my favorite) and a pinch of fresh cinnamon. That’s it.



  • Coffee grounds
  • Cinnamon

For best results use a coffee grinder to grind your fair trade, shade grown, organic, coffee beans on the spot.


  • Coffee pot
  • Coffee filters

Add a couple cups of cold water to your coffee maker. Pile several tablespoons of coffee into your coffee filter and add 1 tsp of cinnamon grounds. If you prefer cocoa, add a tsp of unsweetened cocoa powder instead. Brew and enjoy.


About chelseaeva

recipe developer, nutrition guru, food policy geek.
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