Detox Celery & Avocado Dish


This is fresh, easy, raw, and a good addition to any clean eating repertoire. In general, it’s best to use entirely organic ingredients – when possible and if it’s feasible for you.

This detox style dish was originally inspired by Gwenyth Paltrow’s detox Cucumber and Avocado Soup which is delicious and really easy. In the recipe I created, I chose not to use salt and added some additional ingredients for extra detox benefits – including the citrus fruits, parsley, and onion.

Did you know that onions are a great source of polyphenols? Polyphenols (also abundant in red wine, citrus fruit, and tea) provide anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and heart health benefits.


-1 ripe avocado
-1 lemon
-1 lime
-Handful of Italian parsley
-1/2 red onion
-6-8 stalks of celery
-Cracked pepper

Parsley is a great source of antioxidants and as a relative of celery, works well with the celery this recipe calls for.  Italian parsley is more fragrant and less bitter than the curly leaf, so I would recommend using Italian parsley for this dish.

First, wash all of the fruits and vegetables. Chop onion into bit-sized pieces and set aside.  Slice the avocado in half. After removing the pit, slice the flesh into smaller pieces and use a spoon to remove.


Chop the celery and add to the same bowl as the onion and avocado. Roughly chop the parsley.

Juice the lime and lemon and reserve in a separate bowl.

In a food processor, combine all ingredients, and use the reserved citrus juice to keep the ingredients blending together. Add water if necessary to smooth out the consistency and ensure that the onion and parsley are blended thoroughly with the rest of the ingredients.

Remove from the food processor. Serve with gluten free rice crackers for a light lunch, or serve alongside grilled salmon and brown rice for a more hearty meal.



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2 Responses to Detox Celery & Avocado Dish

  1. Robin says:

    YUM!! I can’t wait to try this. I wish I had a nutrition guru in MY house!! 😉

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