Walnut-Crimini Pâté

Cheese2These days … I’m into vegan pâté, homemade vegan cheese, and anything that’s spreadable and dairy/gluten free. Surprisingly, there are a ton of delicious options that can be born out of mixing some combo of nuts, mushrooms, and a liquid (oil, tamari sauce) in a food processor.

I was first introduced to this pâté by a friend who was on an intense 2-week raw/vegan/juicing cleanse (the same cleanse I successfully followed for two days …. 2 whole days ….). Despite my inability to stick it out for a couple of weeks, I was able to take away a pretty hearty recipe that checked the boxes of being both raw, vegan, and very savory.Cheese1Non-vegans, fear not – this is a spread I bet you can get behind. It was inspired by this porcini-and-pecan pâté. Frankly – there are a couple too many ingredients and steps in the original recipe, so I improvised based on the ingredients and time I had on hand. The recipe I’m sharing below is a version that is easier to make, but still very tasty.



  • 1 cup raw walnuts
  • ½ lb organic crimini mushrooms (about 10-15 ‘shrooms)
  • 2 Tbsp tamari
  • ½ Tbsp nutritional yeast
  • ½ Tbsp. lemon juice (freshly squeezed)
  • A few basil leaves
  • 1 Tsp miso paste

Remove the “trunk” from the mushrooms and wash the caps. Dry the mushrooms and chop roughly.


Add the walnuts and mushrooms to the food processer.

In a bowl – whisk together the olive oil, lemon juice, miso paste, tamari, and nutritional yeast. Add slowly to the food processor. Pulse until all of the ingredients are blended together and pretty smooth.


If the mixture becomes too thick for the food processor, feel free to add a little bit of water. The key is a little bit. The mushrooms hold some water, and the end result could become too watery if you’re not careful.

Serving suggestion: top with some fresh cracked black pepper, and serve with a generous pour of red wine. Here, I spread the pâté on a fresh baguette to serve to friends, but usually eat it on gluten free crackers (like these).


Ingredient notes

  • Nutritional yeast – You can find this in the bulk section at Whole Foods or at other specialty/organic grocery stores. The brand that I used here is Red Star Vegetarian Support Formula. It’s a nice source of vitamin B12, and unlike some other brands contains no whey (an animal product)
  • Tamari – You can find this in the same aisle as soy sauce and marinades. It’s similar to soy sauce, but is gluten free as it doesn’t contain any wheat (soy sauce does). I picked up a low sodium version after I looked at the label of the regular version and realized it had 900+ mg of sodium … for one serving!
  • Miso paste – You can find miso paste at Asian grocery stores or in most grocery stores. Opt for an organic, GMO free version if you can. I usually buy the light or brown miso paste as opposed to the red. For this recipe, I think the light miso paste is best.
  • Crimini mushrooms – If you can’t find crimini mushrooms, you could substitute Portobello or baby bella instead. I wouldn’t recommend white mushrooms for this recipe.

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4 Responses to Walnut-Crimini Pâté

  1. Liz says:

    The pate looks nice!

  2. Robin says:

    I just tried this pate last night! YUM YUM! This was so good I was afraid I was going to eat all of it before my guests came. ;0 I couldn’t find any miso paste in the “regular” grocery store so I googled substitute for miso paste and it said tahini (sesame paste), so I knew I had some sesame seeds at home and I went home and made sesame paste. I had some sliced baby bella already and some light soy sauce that was gluten free. How cool was that because once again the “regular” grocery store didn’t have light tamari. The sodium content is so ridiculous, YUK! Anyways, I bought Pecan Nut-Thins for crackers (yes, g-f). Saving grace for the “regular” GS. The whole combination – SO DELICIOUS! It was just meant to be! Thank you so much Chelsea!
    You have such amazing talent!!

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