Weekend snack: Turmeric dusted popcorn


Weekends are for feelings of ease, and self care, and being a bit indulgent, attaching to fewer worries and being surrounded by those we love. Fridays are for easy snacks that we can take outside at the end of a long week. Weekends are for picnics by the water. And this turmeric popcorn + farmer’s market fruit idea is made for all of the above.

That sweet & salty combo of something like fresh fruit + salty popcorn hits the spot. For years I thought that I didn’t like popcorn because my only exposure to popcorn was the strangely buttery pre-packaged chemical-laden version of it. But the whole kernels? Well, that’s a different level.

I buy whole popcorn kernals in bulk at Whole Foods or other natural food stores and store in an air-tight container in my cabinet to have on hand for snack time, movie nights, or that car trip out of town I’ll be taking this weekend 🙂

This is an easy one for the road, for the in between times, for combatting mini-hunger attacks before a meal. Oh, and the addition of turmeric to popcorn is a brilliant move! It makes the popcorn *look* buttery or cheesy, but it actually adds a layer of spice, and warmth, and the anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric. It’s brilliant.

Turmeric Dusted Popcorn

  •  Whole kernel popcorn (organic)
  •  High quality turmeric
  •  Olive oil & Sea Salt

Add a few tablespoons of olive oil to a pot and heat over a medium flame on the stove. Sprinkle sea salt in the bottom of the pan and add a few handfuls of raw kernels. On top of the kernels, sprinkle a few healthy teaspoons of turmeric to coat the kernels.

Cover and heat until the corn begins to pop. It should pop for a few minutes – but keep an eye on it as it will burn easily. Once it’s fully popped into those beautiful golden puffs, turn off the burner, keep covered for a few minutes and shake well to mix all the spices before serving.

(Other ingredients that work well instead of turmeric: Red pepper flakes, salt and pepper, thyme, nutritional yeast)

Cheers to the weekend !


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